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Eye Care Services 

Below you'll find a list of some of the eye care services we offer. Scroll down the page to read more about the technology used in your eye exam at Rutledge and Weber Eye Care

• Comprehensive eye exams
• Treatment of eye disease
• LASIK evaluations
• Removal of foreign objects
• Complicated contact lens fits
• Multifocal contact lens fits
• "Puffless" eye pressure
   testing for Glaucoma
• Digital measurements for
  glasses lenses
• Digital retinal imaging
• Emergency eye care

We utilize the latest ophthalmic technology with computer assisted eye examinations. Our eye doctors also provide diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and injuries - including eye emergencies such as removal of foreign objects from the eye. Our office also provide complete contact lens services including all specialty lens products. Dr. Rutledge and Dr. Weber also provide co-management care for LASIK and cataract surgeries. Our fashion frame gallery offers frame styling to compliment your life style. Outside prescriptions are welcome.

Retinal scan

Optos Optomap

We feature the Optos Optomap Digital Retinal Scan. This tool helps us better check the health of the eye. It can also take the place of having your eyes dilated.
This device gives an extremely wide field of view of the retinal and its associated structures. It allows us to detect central and peripheral retinal abnormalities. 
The scan is brief and painless and can be done with or without dilation.

Optovue  OCT Exam

What is Glaucoma?
Over two million Americans have Glaucoma, making it one of the biggest causes of legal blindness in the United States. Glaucoma can rob people of their vision even though they don't have any visual symptoms or pain. In fact, half of those with Glaucoma don't even know it. The disease is not easily diagnosed. For example, the standard test, which measures eye pressure, fails to uncover Glaucoma in one third of patients with the disease. No wonder Glaucoma is called the "sneak thief of sight." Don't let Glaucoma sneak up on you.

Now there is a revolutionary new technology that can help doctors find Glaucoma earlier, before significant vision loss occurs: the Optovue OCT Glaucoma exam.

What makes the Optovue OCT exam so revolutionary?

Unlike the standard test, the Optovue OCT exam actually lets your doctor see the pattern and thickness of the nerve fibers in the back of your eyes, then compares the results to normal values. If your nerve fibers are thinner than normal, this could indicate Glaucoma long before any vision has been lost. As a result, your doctor will have more time to treat the disease.

How does the Optovue OCT exam work?
You simply look into the Optovue OCT instrument while it safely scans the back of your eye. The instrument then generates a digital report that gives your doctor information about the health of the retina. This information assists your doctor in diagnosing conditions like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetic Retinopathy among others.

ICT "Puffless" Intraocular Pressure

Our commitment to using the latest technology for your eye exam includes the latest device in IOP (intraocular pressure) measurement called the ICT. You probably remember the "air puff" test at your last eye exam. This test helps to check the pressure inside the eye as it relates to conditions like Glaucoma. This new device quickly and accurately measures the IOP without the puff of air. Our patients say it is a welcome addition to our already top of the line equipment. 

Essilor Visioffice

Delivering the most unique, personalized experience in the office is important to today's tech-savvy patients. The Visioffice gives you the most accurate and precise measurements for delivering the latest in technologically-advanced eye wear. This unique and exceptional service ensures that your lenses deliver the clearest and most crisp vision possible.